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It can be really fun to have a pool day with your friends; chatting, grilling hot dogs, music, and swimming — this is something that pool decks can help you achieve. Did you know you can build a pool deck yourself? Yes, with the right materials, you can get on constructing the pool deck. Read this blog for a guide on how to build a deck around a pool!

How to Build a Deck Around Your Pool?

So, are you up for building a deck around your pool? You can construct a deck that is beautiful, sturdy, and safe. Before you take out your tools, though, read this guide:

1. Plan the Deck

First off, you will need to measure the diameter, length, and height of your pool for the sake of determining the dimension of your deck. You can create a rough drawing of your deck, which includes the dimensions. Or, you can opt for a premade deck plan; they typically come with construction plans, lumber, hardware, footings, and deck boards.

2. Get a Permit

Sometimes, the local municipality might require you to have a permit in order to build a deck. Therefore, read all the guidelines for residential pool decks in your area. This way, you can make sure you meet the code for handrails, stairs, and other elements. Mostly, states require you to install a pool fence of some kind so that no one can enter unsupervised.

3. Pick the Deck Material

You will come across many types of deck materials; pressure-treated wood, composite, and synthetic are all different materials to build your deck with. Framing is built with pressure-treated lumber, and if you use it to build the deck board as well, you should stain the deck to seal it from the elements. This also protects it from the UV rays.

4. Get Your Tools & Supplies Ready

Now, it is time to gather your tools and supplies and get to work. You will need an open area to cut the materials.

5. Mark the Perimeter and Post Locations

Outline the perimeter of your deck with the help of wood stakes and adjust the markers until they are level. Mark wherever you wish to install the deck posts using paint. Keep in mind that your interior posts near the pool should be placed one foot in the center, which should be from the edge of the pool. When using 4×4 deck posts, your posts must be four to six feet apart.

6. Build the Deck

Get to build a sturdy frame, remaining considerate of the level and stability. Then, install the decks, and don’t forget to add safety features. Add finishing and pool access and schedule final inspections as required by local regulations.


You will need a lot more than the right materials to build a deck around your pool — there are codes and regulations to follow and a proper plan to do it. You can always get help from a professional pool builder in your area to get it done right.

At Town & Country Pools, we care about your vision. Talk to us at 281-252-6337 or give us a visit at 32403 FM 2978 Suite 118, Magnolia, TX 77354.

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