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Looking for something beyond the standard-issue backyard pool? A beach entry pool design is a simple design swap that can dramatically change the look of your space. Plus, there are practical reasons to choose this design as well. In this article, we’ll share four reasons to consider a beach entry pool design.

What is a Beach Entry Pool Design?

A beach entry pool design is a sloped pool entry that replaces a ladder or steps. It’s also known as a walk-in pool or a zero-entry pool. These pool entrances mimic a natural body of water, such as a beach. Most beach entries span the width of the entire pool. However, more narrow entrances can be created as well.

A Stunning Design Option

Most people choose beach entry pool designs because of their beautiful, tranquil appearance. These entries create a resort-style look, adding elegance to your yard without sacrificing any more space. Other landscaping or water features are can also be added near your pool entry, which creates a cohesive design.

Benefits for Families

Of course, beach entries are beautiful. However, they are also functional. Families with small children love the beach style entry. It is safer and easier for children to enter the pool on their own, and also gives kids an opportunity to play in shallow water. Because adults and older children can still use the pool normally, this type of entry simply adds more ways for your family to enjoy the water.

A More Gentle Pool Experience

A beach entry pool design lets people enter the water gently. Elderly people, disabled family members, or those using the pool for physical therapy will find this helpful. It’s also just a more relaxing way for able-bodied swimmers to get into the pool.

We Can Create the Perfect Beach Entry Pool Design

At Town and Country Pools, we pride ourselves on our custom work. We work with every client’s needs, budget, and style goals to create their ideal outdoor space. Click here to see examples of our custom pools, spas, and also outdoor kitchens. Ready to learn more? Call a member of our team today!

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