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A pool waterfall is one of the most popular pool features out there. Looking at them, it’s easy to see why. While waterfalls have a simple design, they also often have beautiful decorative touches that will elevate any outdoor space. And while deciding to install a pool waterfall might be easy, choosing the specific type can be more challenging. Below, we’ll share some information that will help you choose the best pool waterfall for you.

Why Choose a Pool Waterfall?

Waterfalls are relatively simple to install, but they can completely change the look of your space. They are also completely customizable, which makes them great for everyone, regardless of style, budget, or time restraints. Waterfalls are also easy to care for, which is a must for busy homeowners.

Different Styles of Waterfalls

When choosing your pool waterfall, your first consideration should be the flow of the water. There are rainfall waterfalls (which mimic the look of natural rain), cascade waterfalls (which create an arch using water that shoots upward) and pencil jets (which create a dome effect using a single jet of water arching upward). There are also more subtle designs that create relaxing visuals, such as sheer descents, scuppers, and water walls.

In addition to the water itself, pool waterfalls can also use a variety of decorative touches to add to the glamour. From mosaic tiles to stonework, it’s easy to create a waterfall style that matches your aesthetic.

Other Features to Consider

In addition to waterfalls, there are other pool features that might be great for your space, too. Fountains and bubblers/gushers are also popular options. You might also consider new lighting, tile work, or landscaping features to complete your new pool look. A contractor can help you choose features that work together for a cohesive design.

Ready to Learn More?

Town and Country Pools can install all of these water features and more. Our experts will evaluate your pool and help you choose the best waterfall for your style and budget. Explore our website or make an appointment at our showroom for more pool inspiration. When you’re ready to get started, our team is happy to assist.

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