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Summer is finally here! Schools are closed, kids are at home, and there are unlimited possibilities for what kids can do. One of these possibilities is swimming, whether it be at a community pool, or a pool built in your backyard by professionals, like Town and Country Pools. With swimming, there are many things that should be taken care of in order to keep your children safe while also allowing them to have fun. In this blog, we will discuss two tips that many parents have applied and benefitted from. Due to the novel virus, we recommend not allowing your kids to swim in community pools or any other place which could pose a serious risk!

Here are two tips to ensure your kids can enjoy their luxurious pool  while keeping you in serenity:

  1. Ensure that your children wear sunscreen before they enter the pool:
  • Not applying sunscreen can cause serious sunburn if your child stays outside for long periods of time. Applying sunscreen which has an SPF of at least 30 will help to ensure that a majority of the sun’s UVB rays are blocked. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen can also protect your child from UVA rays, which can cause aging of the skin if there is too much exposure to the sun!

2. Have your children continuously drink water, even though they are in the water:

  • During the summer, many kids can suffer from dehydration due to the intense heat of the sun. If they go swimming during the peak hour times, they are likely to get dehydrated and even suffer from fatigue if they do not replenish themselves with enough water. Even though they are swimming, they are still using up energy, alongside having the sun on them, which can result in dehydration and a need for an ample amount of water!
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