The obsession of finding everything small cute is not new in people. Psychologists associate this obsession with a condition called Baby Schema. This condition triggers the brain to find every little thing cute. It also increases the level of happiness in a person whenever they see it. Although normal-sized pools are common, people who have this condition may nevertheless find any mini inground pool eye-catching. Along with being attractive, the tiny pools also have several benefits that can convince you to give it a try.

Saves cost

The size of the mini inground pool can range from 24’ to 28’ long and 10’ to 14’ wide. However, a professional will be in a better position to suggest what size is best according to the pool area.

The material determines the efforts needed to customize a pool. It could either be ready and just waiting for installation or will have to be cut according to the backyard. Since the mini inground pool is small, it requires less material which saves cost.

Invites you to be creative

As the mini pools are small in size so the cost of construction of these pools reduces considerably. This allows you to be creative and add many other luxurious features. A small fire bowl for chilly nights, striking tiles to match the aesthetics of the back yard, and small tile table to chit chat with friends will be useful additions with the saved money and will add value to it. These small inground pools add beauty to small backyards.

Adding creativity to your life gives a sense of happiness. Therefore, one should never stop experimenting with what one thinks can make him/her happy. Town & Country Pools have expertise in pool makeovers that can do wonders in making you happy. So if you are desirous of having mini pools call us on 281-252-6337.