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What more could be better than having a decent pool in your backyard where you can always get a quick swim to escape the scorching heat? Indeed, no other leisure activity can match the fun of swimming in a pool. Regardless of how remarkable a pool can get, you must take care of it.

But maintaining a pool doesn’t only involve cleaning or replacing the water. You must, in addition, sanitize the water to kill off the bacteria and make your pool safe. If you’re wondering how to kickstart the pool sanitization process, then chlorine tablets for the pool are what you need to get started.

What are chlorine tablets?

Over time, your pool can get contaminated with bacteria, dirt, and debris, which can be harmful. Hence, using chlorine tablets is an inexpensive way to eliminate all these bacterial elements. Chlorine tablets oxidize all the contaminants that kill the germ and clean the water. Moreover, these tablets disperse faster within the pool, making them an effective sanitization tool.
However, chlorine tablets should be added within limits, not exceeding three parts per million (PPM). Over usage can increase the chlorine concentration, irritating your eyes and nose during swimming. Let’s discuss four basic ways of adding chlorine tablets accurately.

Chlorine Granules

Granules are the powdered form of chlorine tablets. You can add chlorine granules manually by sprinkling them over the pool. However, it can be time-consuming to chlorinate the entire pool accurately. Also, it’s difficult to ensure that chlorine has spread evenly across the pool because it can often localize at one spot, increasing the concentration at one place only.
While it’s a convenient way to add chlorine tablets in the pool, it’s ineffective.

Pool Skimmer

You can even use the pool skimmer that is originally designed to filter the debris from the pool. It contains a basket where you can place the chlorine tablets. So, the next time water arrives in the basket for filtration, these chlorine tablets can get dissolved within the water and spread evenly across the pool after the water leaves through the outlet.
It’s a great convenient way for chlorination, but there are high chances of chlorine damaging your pool equipment.

Floating Dispenser

It’s a gadget you need to purchase. Fortunately, it’s very cheap and efficient at the same time. These dispensers can be loaded with chlorine tablets for the pool and left around in the pool. The dispenser travels around the pool and evenly disperses the chlorine across the entire pool. Dispensers are an effective way for chlorination, but they can stick in one place, increasing chlorine concentration at a single spot.

Automatic Pool Chlorinator

Here’s something efficient and fast – the automatic chlorinator. You simply have to load the chlorine tablets, set the PPM on the machine, check it, and let it swim around your pool. Within a few minutes, you can have your entire pool sanitized. It’s a high-speed and effective tool that can help you set the water chlorination according to your pool’s requirements.


Chlorination is not an option; it’s mandatory. Hence, you must add chlorine tablets to the pool to have a safe swimming experience. If you’re willing to chlorinate your pool effectively, look no further than Town and Country Pools.

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