Gunite swimming pools are loved by many as they offer numerous options in terms of shapes and colors. Depending on your preferences, you can add smooth edges or sharp curves along with countless other options. The construction process of a gunite pool allows adding the features you like.

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All About the Gunite Pool Building Process

Design and Permits

Our staff will visit your backyard and take measurements. They will discuss your ideas and plan on feasibilities.

A 3D model will help you understand how your pool will look in real. Any changes or additions will be furnished at this stage.

After the signing of the contract, we’ll obtain the permit for construction. The issuance of permits varies according to location.

Layout and Excavation

The design of the pool is presented on the pool construction site, which shows the precise size and shape of the pool and other features.

The next step is excavation. The time required for digging will vary depending on the topography of the property. For a yard with a slope, a pool retaining wall will be constructed at this stage.

Plumbing and Electrical Equipment

This phase involves the installation of electrical and plumbing lines, skimmers and gas lines. Additional options such as in-pool lights, fire features are all added.

Steel Rebar Framework

Engineering plans are monitored closely for the installation of steel around the gunite pool, reinforcement of shell, and prevention of cracks. The steel rebar frame comprises horizontal and vertical bars that strengthen the pool.

Gunite Application

The application of gunite is the essence of the whole pool construction process. After preparing the gunite, it is sprayed onto the rebar using a pressurized nozzle. Additional features like steps are manually added to the pool.

The pool shell is then left to dry for days. Watering is required 2-3 times for a week or more.

Tiling, And Other Features

While the shell of the pool is curing, it’s time to add pool coping and perimeter tiles. Pool enhancing features such as deck jets or fireplaces are also added at this phase.

Pool Interior and Landscaping

The pool interior is completed, which includes waterproofing. The interior is cleaned to get rid of plaster dust. This stage also includes the addition of landscaping features.

Pool Startup

We now inspect each individual piece of equipment to make sure everything’s working perfectly. After cleaning up any residues, we fill the pool with water, add chemicals and start your newly constructed dream pool.

Superior Gunite Pool Building Process

We build gunite pools completely on-site and owe the full responsibility of our construction. With extensive planning and attention to detail, we will help build your dream pool into reality. For more information about the gunite pool building process, schedule a free consultation with our experts. Contact Town & Country Pools today.

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