Although it may not ever seem like the weather will cool off, you know it will. It actually won’t be that long before you’ll be staying out of the pool and finding other ways to spend your leisure time. A lot of people like to hold parties to mark the end of summer, having one more big gathering before cooler weather arrives.

If you’re planning this kind of get-together, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure all your guests – no matter what their age – stay safe.

Supervision is Important

Before the party starts, either you or someone else should take on the role of lifeguard. This person will need to keep a close eye on the pool to make sure everyone is OK. If you have some new friends coming over with children, make sure they tell their kids about the places they aren’t supposed to go. For example, the pool closet needs to be off limits, since that’s the place most pool owners will keep their cleaning chemicals.

No Glass Allowed

There should never be any sort of glass anywhere near your pool. That means no beer bottles, drinking glasses or anything else. There’s nothing wrong with your adult guests having a cold one. Just make sure they know it needs to be in a plastic cup.

Watching Out for Kids

If your party includes children, you’ll need to know how well they can swim. There should be no diving or any roughhousing, because someone could be seriously hurt. You need to have a life ring with a tow rope handy if anyone should have problems in the water. Also, have plenty of flotation toys on hand for the kids, such as noodles or inner tubes.

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