Cooking can be fun sometimes, for instance, whipping up dinner under the stars. Yes! I’m referring to outdoor kitchens. The best way to make your backyard appealing is to build an outdoor living space. The planning to build an outdoor kitchen requires many considerations but first things first, how big should outdoor kitchen be? Let’s find out!

What Should Be the Size of an Outdoor Kitchen?

The majority of outdoor kitchens have an area of 100 to 400 square feet, which is 10×10 to 20×20 feet. However, outdoor kitchens come in a variety of sizes. The amount of space you have and the way you want to use it will determine the size of your kitchen.

  • Small Kitchen
    A small kitchen will have minimum appliances that are deemed essential, such as a stove, sink, grill, and storage. You’ll require a minimum of 36 inches of countertop frontage for a small kitchen.
  • Essentials
    For essential kitchens, a refrigerator is usually included, along with other facilities found in a small kitchen.
  • Medium
    A medium-sized kitchen will have more counter space, storage, and even additional fridge choices. The countertop frontage of a medium-sized outdoor kitchen measures at least 72 inches.
  • Large
    Large kitchens offer all the facilities, including space for many chefs, and all four zones. They will have a minimum of 158 inches of frontage on the countertop.

How to Determine the Size of Your Kitchen?

You can use the following factors to determine the size of your kitchen:


The amount of area your patio has will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen. The kitchen shouldn’t be too large to take up all the space or too small to take up all the space.

Your Preference

The purpose of your outdoor kitchen is important here. Identify ways how an outdoor kitchen adds value to your house and the reason want it built in the first place.

If you’re looking for an entertainment space then a large kitchen is perfect for you. However, if you want an outdoor kitchen to cook and BBQ under the stars then a medium sized kitchen sounds marvelous.


Budget plays an important role in the size of an outdoor kitchen. Large kitchen typically require more supplies, appliances, and money in general.

You can either go for a small kitchen if you have low budget or look for less expensive appliances if you want a large kitchen.


The amount of people you expect to come over should determine the size of your kitchen. If you expect many guests then a larger space will be a good idea.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, this blog has helped you with the first step of building an outdoor kitchen, which is the size of the kitchen. How big should an outdoor kitchen be? There isn’t any specific size for an outdoor kitchen, you should decide the size according your preference.

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