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Having a house with a pool is more convenient than going to the beach to beat the scorching summer heat. Besides, what would you prefer more, planning a trip to the beach and waiting to get there or jumping into the pool right away?

Thus, having your own pool is indeed a great blessing. Make sure you know ways to sustain it. Otherwise, you will have a huge cost to bear. Maintaining a pool can help you sustain it for long. Nonetheless, there’s a cost to it.

Read further to understand all about maintaining a pool and cost pertaining to it.

Why Pool Maintenance is Essential?

For starters, maintaining a pool ensures its sustenance. The longer the pool can survive, the better for you and your family. If you take care of the things, they last for long. As a result, they provide you with nurturing you need. This is one good reason why you should take measure to conserve a pool.

Money is of course a primary reason why you might want to take good care of the pool. However, it must not be the only cause of keeping your pool in good health. Low-maintenance pools lead to many diseases causing your health to deteriorate.

A well-maintained pool keeps you away from falling prey to underlying issues with poor pool health. Besides, timely pool maintenance can help cut repairing cost.

Average Cost of Pool Maintenance

Since now you know the importance of pool maintenance, let’s discuss how much it will cost you to maintain a pool. Understand that the cost of maintaining a pool may vary if you calculate it on the basis of hours, weeks, months or years.

An average of $122 to $229 is an estimated cost of maintaining a pool per month including the cost of cleaning. Yearly, it may sum up to an average of $1400. Besides, the size and type of the pool also affect the maintenance cost.

Does the Type of a Pool affect Pool Maintenance Cost?

Of course, it does. There are different types of pools based on which the maintenance cost may vary. Here’s a list of types of pools and cost of maintenance pertaining to them per hour.

  1. In-ground pool may sum up to $50 to $100.
  2. Above-ground pool may cost up to $100.
  3. Indoor pool may range from $25 to $50.
  4. Cocktail pool may add up to $60 to $95.
  5. Chlorine pool may cost up to $100.
  6. Saltwater pool may range from $80 to $100.
  7. Infinity pool may sum up to the average cost of chlorine or saltwater pool per hour.

The Takeaway

As mentioned earlier, if you take care of things, they last. Maintaining a pool means ensuring a longer lifespan of your pool. Understanding cost management can help you not only preserve your pool but also enable you to spend less and save more.

In case you run out of options and need an expert’s opinion, Town & Country Pool can be of great help. Reach them out at 32403 FM 2978 Suite 118, Magnolia, TX 77354 or dial (281) 252-6337.

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