Most pool safety articles you see will typically involve children. But for most pet owners, their dogs are members of the family as well. You want to keep them, as well as your children, as healthy and happy as possible. Here are a few tips to help ensure your furry friends stay that way this summer.

Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable Around the Pool

Some dogs love water, while others aren’t so sure about it. Check to see which group your dog falls into. Take him out to the pool and see how he reacts. He might just jump in immediately and start having a great time. But if he doesn’t, don’t worry. It can take some dogs two or three times before they start feeling at ease around water.

If your pup doesn’t have any experience swimming, bring him into the water very gradually. Help him get to the pool steps to make sure he knows how to get out. After you take him back and forth a few times, he should quickly figure out how to get back to the steps.

Also, take him to different areas of the pool and guide him to the steps. Do this a few times as well. That way he’ll know how to get out should he fall in accidentally. Always supervise your pet whenever he is around your pool to stay on the safe side.

Consider Pet Safety Features for Your Pool

There are a lot of accessories out there that can help ensure the safety of your pet. For example, there are covers that can keep your dog from falling in the pool, as well as fences that can block the perimeter of your pool.

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