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Swimming pool inspectors are a topic that can scare many homeowners. However, they are nothing to be afraid of. Whether you’re purchasing a home with a pool or are looking to sell your property, swimming pool inspectors can help you make sure the home is ready to go. Once you realize the role of these inspectors, you can put your worries aside. In this article, we’ll explain what swimming pool inspectors do- and how you can prepare for your inspection.

Who Needs an Inspection?

There are a few different situations that call for a pool inspection. They are perhaps most common for people who are buying a home with a pool. The inspection ensures that the pool is in the condition that the seller has described. This way, there are no surprises after you close on the home. (Sometimes, the inspection is conducted by the people who are selling their home instead of the buyer.) Inspections are also done during the construction process, especially if you have a strict HOA and need to abide by certain rules.

What Inspectors Look For

Every state sets different guidelines for pool inspections, and some towns and cities set their own guidelines, too. Generally speaking though, all inspections will check to make sure your pool is safe and well constructed. This includes checking the tiles, bonding, electrical work, filtration system, and pool deck. They will also check for signs of deterioration.

Preparing For Your Inspection

Before your inspection, consider a pre-inspection with a pool company. A contractor or maintenance professional can check your pool for signs of damage and make replacements before your official inspection. They can also give you general tips for extending the life of your pool. Be sure to ask questions and talk honestly about any issues you are having- this way, you will be prepared for the inspectors.

Have Questions About Your Pool?

We’re here to help. Town and Country Pools offers expert pool construction, as well as a variety of other pool services. We can help you- and your pool- get ready for your upcoming inspection. Explore our website to learn more about what we do, or call us today to schedule a consultation.

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