The pool pump is central equipment that serves as a filtration system. Its principal function is to keep the water moving continuously so all the dirt and debris is filtered out and chemicals do their job effectively. So for that, priming is very important. Let’s see how to prime a pool pump in detail.

Without a working pump pushing water, your pool will stagnate, and water bugs, mosquitoes, and algae will accumulate. Therefore a functioning pool pump is needed to maintain a clean swimming pool. And knowing how to take care of and prime your pool pump is crucial to avoiding costly repairs and replacements in the future.

What Is Meant By “Prime a Pool Pump?

Air entrapment is common for a pool pump. During the time it does not operate or is full of water, when it is closed down or re-opened for the season, the air may get inside the pump.

Before you start operating a pool pump that has air trapped inside it, you must blow out those lines with water in order to get rid of any air and replace it with water.

How To Prime A Pool Pump?

  1. Turn the pump off, and ensure that the power button is shut off and has been disconnected from the unit. This is an essential step since precaution is a must at any time you work with water and electricity together.
  2. Switch the mode on recirculation using the multiport valve on the pump to recirculate the water. This function directly brings water into the pump and recirculates it back out. In such a setting, the water passes filters and goes directly towards the pump.
  3. Time to release the air from the lines by clearing up the air valve placed on top of the filter.
  4. Clean the basket on the pump, take out the collected debris in it and rinse with a hose.
  5. It is now time to fill the pump basket with a garden hose.
  6. Once it is filled and tightly closed, release the air using the valve and turn the power to the pump on.
  7. Next, check the flow of water to your pump. Water flow should be consistent for thirty seconds at least. If you do not have that, turn it off and repeat the previously mentioned steps. Meticulously check every hardware for wear and tear.
  8. Once the water starts flowing consistently, close the valve of air pressure.

Why Is It Important To Prime A Pool Pump?

Usually, the pool pumps cost hundreds of dollars. It is an unavoidable expense necessary to maintain the pool. Priming is an important step that you take to ensure that the pump does not go dry. This is because using a dry pump will cause mechanical failure and damage to surrounding structures.


Priming is an essential part of maintaining a healthy swimming pool. In case you are in search of experts, we suggest you contact one from Town and Country Pools at 281 252 6337.

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