A pool construction project is exciting, but it can be financially taxing as well. Thus, many homeowners in San Antonio search for affordable pool construction alternatives. There are many ways you can reduce the costs of pool construction, ranging from the material to the design. Holding back on fancy features is one of the factors that can decrease costs. After all, the wow factor will actually leave you stunned when you see how much it costs.

Now we are not saying you don’t opt for your dream pool. All we are saying is, work smarter, not financially harder. We will explain what we mean in this blog. Therefore, carry on reading to learn some budget-friendly construction options if you live in San Antonio.

Choosing the Affordable Type of Pool

You will come across three types of pools, which are concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass. The price will differ according to the type, size, and accessories of the pool. Here is a brief overview of each type of pool:

  • Concrete Pools: although they’re the most expensive among all the options, you can opt for creative sizing with concrete pools to make them fit your budget. Nevertheless, the maintenance cost is to be considered with concrete pools. In short, the initial price and maintenance costs will make this a pretty expensive choice.
  • Vinyl Liner Pools: cheaper in comparison to concrete, vinyl pools have the lowest price among all three types of pools. However, the 10-year maintenance cost is still a bit hefty, the majority of which is affected by the liner. And, yes, you will have to regularly replace the liner every 4 to 9 years, even with proper repairs.
  • Fiberglass Pools: the durable product has been gaining much popularity in recent years. Moreover, it can last years with minimal maintenance costs. The initial cost, too, lies somewhere between the prices of vinyl liners and concrete pools. Since they last long without excessive maintenance, fiberglass might be a budget-friendly pool construction option for San Antonio.

Tips to Choose a Budget-Friendly Pool Option in San Antonio

You can consult a professional company for pool construction in San Antonio, TX; they can guide you on an affordable plan. Below, we will mention some helpful tips if you want a budget-friendly pool construction option:

1. Simple Pool Design

A simple pool design has an elegant appearance and looks quite sleek. The good news is: sleek and simple designs cost less than the finance options. Therefore, you can opt for a simple design, giving your pool a high-end look. Moreover, you can choose a simple shape, such as a square or rectangle shape. Keep in mind that prices also affect the price; make smart decisions.

2. Save the Extra Features for Later

There is nothing wrong with having landscape and fancy features by your pool. However, you can save the initial cost by not installing the extra features with the pool. Some additional features can be installed later. Therefore, consult your pool contractor and opt for the fancy aspects later when you have recovered financially.

3. You Don’t Have to Choose Salt

The idea of silky smooth pool water can be very charming, but the truth is: salt generators are not a necessity, especially if you are on a budget. You can choose chlorine tablets as a suitable alternative since they sanitize just as well as salt generators. Plus, you can always install a salt generator at a later date.


If you are looking to construct an affordable pool in San Antonio, there are many methods to meet your budget. Consult our Town & Country Pools experts for guidance on any pool-related issue. We are a few digits away at (281) 252-6337.

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