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Owning a pool can seem exciting, but it comes with a lot of maintenance and care. Improper maintenance can result in inadequate chlorine levels and pool algae, which might attract bugs. Yes, you read that right. You can get water bugs in your pool due to algae! Although they prefer to inhabit swampy areas or ponds, the presence of algae can lure them into your pool.

Types of Water Bugs in Pool

Two types of water bugs are attracted to pool algae, including:

  • Water Boatman: They have a boat-like long, oval shape with oar-shaped hind legs. Water boatman is drawn to the pool algae, which has become one of their food sources. They are harmless bugs.
  • Backswimmer: They are predators who usually prey on minnows and tadpoles but hunt water boatman in a pool. They have three sets of legs. Backswimmers swim upside down, owing to their name. Although not poisonous, their bites can be pretty painful.

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs?

Algae and microorganisms are responsible for attracting water bugs to your pool. Therefore, you need to regularly clean your pool as well as monitor the pH and chemical levels to keep them at bay.

You can get rid of the pesky water bugs by removing their food source, which means eliminating algae for water boatmen and water boatmen for the annoying backswimmers.

To remove water bugs from your pool, follow these steps:

1. Collect the Bugs with a Skimmer
Water bugs like to float on the surface of the water. Hence, you can scoop them out with the help of a net. Use a skimmer to pull out as many bugs as you can.

2. Vacuum the Pool by Hand
Clean your pool of all the sediments and debris using a vacuum instead of an automatic cleaner. Thoroughly clean your pool of waste, ensuring that dirty water does not return. Remember to vacuum manually to really clean every surface of the pool.

3. Scrub All the Surfaces of Your Pool
Now, scrub away the food sources that attracted the water bugs to your pool. Thoroughly brush all the surfaces with an algae brush, including the pool liners and ladders. This way, you can remove the source of your problem.

4. Shock the Pool
Chlorine aids in removing bacteria and microorganisms in your pool. The water bugs might be present because of low chlorine levels, which allows algae growth in the pool. This step eradicates any remaining thing. Therefore, you might need to use a higher dose than average.

5. Check Chemical Levels
Improper chemical levels are a major reason behind the water bugs in your pool. After thoroughly cleaning the pool, check the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels to make any necessary adjustments if needed.

6. Vacuum the Pool Again
Any remaining microorganisms and algae bits would need time to settle. Hence, you need to vacuum the pool again before they do.

What is the Takeaway?

Nobody wants water bugs in their pool. Therefore, regular pool maintenance is essential to keep those bugs away. You will net to get professional pool cleaning if the condition is severe.
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