When the blazing summer heat of Tomball, TX strikes, all one wants to do is jump into the pool water! Spring, too, is a good season to float in your pool as you sip on your margarita. But when the winds shift into fall and then winter, your pool needs proper cover as well as maintenance. Seasonal maintenance is mandatory for every season since it ensures your pool remains in tip-top condition. This is why we bring our seasonal pool maintenance checklist for Tomball homeowners.

Importance of Pool Maintenance

Any credible and expert pool builder in Tomball will guide you on the effective techniques to maintain your pool. When you properly maintain your pool on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly basis – it comes with multiple advantages. For instance, you can rest assured that you, as well as your family, will remain safe from the contaminants and pollutants that find their way into the pool water. Moreover, it is also useful for saving money on hardware costs. If the pool is neglected, corrosion and mineral build-up might cause damage and shorten the lifespan of your pool.

Checklist for Seasonal Pool Maintenance in Tomball

Pool maintenance may look different for each season. Therefore, here is a small checklist for maintaining your pool in Tomball for every season:

  1. Spring Checklist
    In spring, you can prepare your pool for its opening in summer. Seasonal maintenance in spring involves a few tasks you may be unable to carry out in summer. Here is what the checklist involves:

    • Using a small submersible pump or venturi pump, clear off the water on the pool cover. Then, sweep the debris that gathers on the cover during winter months.
    • Remove the pool cover after a thorough cleaning.
    • Inspect the chemical levels of your pool even if it looks crystal clear, as they may have shifted in winter. Fix the chemical levels before you use the pool.
    • Check all the pool equipment for any signs of damage, which includes pump lid o-rings, cartridge, filter o-rings, sand filter o-rings, and union o-rings. Lubricate the equipment and replace any damaged parts.
    • Thoroughly clean every inch of your filter elements.
    • Scrub the surfaces of your pool to remove any possible particles stuck at the bottom.
    • Examine the manual pool cleaning tools to ensure they are in the correct condition.
    • Give your pool cleaners an overhaul.
  2. Summer Checklist
    Summer is the prime time to take a dip in your pool – but not before the mandatory seasonal maintenance, which involves:

    • Draft your personal pool maintenance schedule.
    • Gather the proper pool supplies that last the entire summer.
    • Regularly apply pool chlorine every week or after the pool is used heavily.
    • Test the pool water and balance on a weekly basis.
    • Every month, apply a little algaecide to prevent any unwanted guest from making a stop.
    • Make it a habit to scrub and vacuum your pool every week, or use a robotic pool cleaner.
    • After the pressure gauge reads more than the usual pressure range, backwash the sand filter. You can also hose down the filter cartridge.
    • Don’t forget to throw pool parties!
  3. Fall Checklist
    You either use the pool a little during fall or not at all. Hence, the seasonal pool maintenance in the fall will depend on your use. You can follow the summer pool maintenance checklist if you decide to keep it open, with the addition of bi-weekly removal of leaves and debris. Otherwise, follow the instructions to winterize the pool.
  4. Winter Checklist
    You may decide to keep your pool open during winter in Tomball, given that you have a pool heater.
    In case you decide to keep the pool open, the seasonal maintenance checklist will include close monitoring. You may have to minimize the amount of balancing if you’re using the pool less often; around once every week should work.
    In addition, keep an eye on the LSI levels since they can alter even if the pool is not being used.

To Wrap it Up

The seasonal pool maintenance in Tomball will be different for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Consult your pool builder for tips based on your use and location. At Town and Country Pools, our goal is to build what you dream. Hence, get closer to your dreams by dialing (281) 252-6337 or giving us a visit!

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