Iced cold lemonades, Picnics at the beach, Bright sunny skies & Colorful pool parties.

These are usually the images that come to mind when thinking of summertime. After all, summer is the season when you get to relax with your family and friends, host barbecue parties by the pool, and take a quick dip into the calming water.

But that’s just for those who own private swimming pools. For people without a personal oasis, surviving under the Texas sun can be brutal. This is precisely why we’re here to dispel all your worries!

Rather than missing out on the fun, why not hire a professional pool builder in Houston? We’ll help break down all the confusing costs and pricing of how much it takes to build a pool, so keep on reading this blog.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Swimming Pool In Houston

For a construction project as big as a swimming pool, there really isn’t an easy way to sum up, the cost. Ultimately, there are numerous factors that can alternate the price. However, all things considered, the average cost of building a swimming pool in Texas tends to vary from $20,000 to $100,000.

Although, it is vital to keep in mind that usually, in-ground pools are the ones that cost the most. For an above-ground swimming pool, you don’t need a budget as big.

Moreover, if you want to add embellishments to your pool or increase its size, etc., the estimated pricing can shoot up, with the average rate then starting from $50,000. Of course, as you decorate your pool with more add-ons, the cost will continue to rise.

What Is The Cheapest Type of Pool?

When considering a cheap swimming pool, above-ground pools always come up top. They don’t require high-maintenance construction, nor do they need to be plastered with add-ons.

On the other hand, in-ground swimming pools are filled to the brim with variety. Despite there being three main types of pools, the options you get with them are endless. According to your ideal pool, you can decide on the specific shape of the pool or what feature you would like to add on. For instance, fountains, sheer descent, pull-up bar, etc.

However, to narrow down all the different options, Vinyl Liner swimming pools are far cheaper when compared to others. This is because concrete and fiber swimming pools are made of expensive materials, which is why they tend to be a little on the pricier end.

Closing Word

Building a swimming pool in Houston, Texas, is not a hard job at all, especially not for us. Here at Town & Country Pools, we have experienced and licensed pool contractors that closely work with you. Our aim is to offer you your dream oasis pool at a cost that’s easy on your wallet.

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to the Texas heat and dial (281) 252-6337 today! You can also visit us at 32403 FM2978, Suite # 118, Magnolia, TX 77354, for more information. We’re located right next to Texas Truck Works (TTW).

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