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Has your pool been looking out of shape lately? Has your crystal clear water turned a little cloudy or murky? It’s probably time to clean your pool filter! Although it may seem intimidating at first, cleaning your pool filter is a surefire way to make sure your custom pool is hygienic, safe for the family, and serves you for years to come. This guide by Town and Country Pools of Texas will show you easy ways to clean your pool filter.

Cleaning Your Pool Filter: The Basics

Your pool filter can last for many years, and all it takes is a little bit of weekend maintenance every month or so. First, you’ll need to identify what kind of filter you have. The three most common types of filters can have different cleaning methods.

Different Kinds Of Filters

Pools are usually equipped with a sand filter, a cartridge filter, or a diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filter. Sand filters are the most budget-friendly kind of filter, and they are easy to clean and last a long time. Your pool pump carries water through a tank that contains silica sand. Then, the sand traps foreign particles and debris, and the clean water leaves the filter and goes back into your pool. You can backwash them quite simply and easily.

Cartridge filters are similar to sand filters in their ease of use and effectiveness. They use a cylindrical fabric cartridge that traps debris as water is pumped through it. However, they are a little more effective than sand filters, as they can trap smaller debris particles. You cannot backwash these filters.

Finally, diatomaceous earth filters – also known as DE filters – are the most expensive type of filter. Diatomaceous Earth is a fine powdery substance made of fossilized plants – neat! However, they are also the most effective at cleaning your pool, filtering everything that can contaminate your pool water, except minuscule particles. Just like sand filters, you can backwash them, although it is a little bit more involved.

An Important Note

Ensure you follow the instructions in your owner’s manual whenever you’re performing DIY work on your pool or filtration system. The manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and cleaning are the best guidelines to follow. Make sure your pump is off, and your filter tank is depressurized before you begin any work.

Cleaning Your Sand Filter

Keep an eye on your filter pressure, and whenever it’s 9-10 PSI over normal operating pressure, you’ll know it’s time to clean your filter. You may also need to clean the filter if you see an obvious sign that it’s time to do so, such as the water turning cloudy.

  • Turn your filter pump off and relieve pressure from the filter tank using the air relief valve. Turn on the backwash valve and turn the pump back on.
  • Begin backwashing the filter. If desired, you can gradually add some sand filter cleaner into your skimmer and continue the backwashing process.
  • Keep backwashing your filter for about 5 minutes to remove the extra dirt loosened by the filter cleaner.
  • Finally, turn off the pump and reverse the backwash valve. Then, turn on the pump again, and voila!

Cleaning Your Cartridge or DE Filter

Cleaning your cartridge filter or DE filter requires a bit more work than a sand filter and may need special tools that include specific cleaners and safety gear. It’s always a good idea to have your pool cleaned professionally. Here at Town and Country Pools of Texas, we make sure your outdoor living experience is as pleasurable as possible. Give us a call at 281-252-6337, and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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