Children; the heart and soul of every mother and father. No matter what happens to us, we always want to make sure our kids have everything they need to succeed. We always want to make sure they are following the right path. We always want to make sure that no matter what, they are always safe and unharmed. These are sentiments shared by almost every parent, no matter what part of the world you may live in. As we discussed in the last blog, we will be sharing a few more tips that will help to ensure your children can be protected while also being able to swim in their backyard pool, built by experts like Town and Country Pools. Once again, it is highly recommended to not swim in any public pool and to only allow your children to swim in their own pool during this pandemic! This will help to ensure they are reducing the risk of possibly being exposed to the Coronavirus.

Here are a few tips to help ensure your kids are safe while enjoying in their pool:

  1. Always keep a “lifeguard” on duty while small children are swimming
  • You may be wondering “how do I keep a lifeguard on duty?” The reason it is in quotations is that you do not necessarily need to hire a lifeguard; rather, you simply need to have someone watching your children who know how to swim and can act fast during a time of crisis. This could be anyone: your oldest son or daughter, a grandma or grandpa, or even yourself! While this option does require someone to have to give in time, it has been proven the most successful way to save children while they drown! Remember, they need to know how to swim in case the child stops breathing and needs someone to go and bring them to shore

2. Always keep life jackets and lifebuoys available:

  • While this may seem like a minor tip, it has helped to save thousands of lives in the U.S.A. Many children decide to go into the pool on their own which may pose a threat if they are not good swimmers. Having life jackets will ensure that even if your child is to swim by themselves, they are protected by the life jacket. The lifebuoy is essential in case everyone freezes and doesn’t act in a timely manner. Many do not buy this essential item, causing many children to die due to a non-responsive act by the parent. guardian during a time of crisis.

While these may seem like minor tips, they have been proven to be effective and provide an environment that allows tranquility to be with parents while their children swim. When you do get your pool built by those that care, such as Town and Country Pools, ensure you follow these steps to make swimming a luxury, not a dread.

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