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Do you think you should give up on having a luxury pool just because you don’t have enough space? No, you shouldn’t, because you have no idea how well a plunge pool can complement your outdoor living space. Now, what is a plunge pool? A plunge pool is smaller and intended more for relaxation and cooling down than for swimming.

What is the Point of a Plunge Pool?

Plunge pools offer a place to relax, wade, refresh, and cool down without requiring as much time or money for pool care. It is a smaller swimming pool that is more for fun than swimming. As the name implies, plunge pools are primarily intended for plunging rather than swimming, used for soaking in order to unwind or for taking a dip in order to chill off.

Size of a Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are small, which makes it easy to accommodate in tiny yards with limited space. Although there are several sizes to choose from, 10 feet by 16 feet (160 square feet) is one of the most popular sizes for plunge pools.

Cost of a Plunge Pool

The cost of a plunge pool depends on the material (vinyl or fiberglass), the construction technique, and the extra features added. Given the size difference, plunge pools are significantly less expensive than a normal pool. Plunge pools typically cost $30,000 and $40,000. The installation cost, which includes the site work and piping, can range from $50,000 to $60,000.

Is Plunge Pool Worth It?

A large pool may need a lot of work, particularly in colder locations where more upkeep is required to fend against the elements. Plunge pools have many benefits, including the fact that they come with far fewer maintenance and running expenses.

Plunge pools are wonderful for low-impact water workouts and rehabilitation, but it won’t let you play active games or complete laps. Therefore, if you only want to lounge in the pool and not swim or complete laps, this kind of pool is ideal for you.

Can I Customize a Plunge Pool?

Not only can you enjoy relaxing in plunge pools, but you can also add other features, such as:

  • You may turn your plunge pool into a spa by adding jets that shoot bubbles at the touch of a button.
  • When you sit and soak with your favorite drink in hand, add some mood lighting with colored lights to help create an ambiance.
  • To add more texture and the calming sound of flowing water, add a waterfall or a rainfall.

Final Say!

You know by now how beneficial this tiny pool can be. If you want a pool but do not want to spend a lot, the plunge pool is perfect for you. Are you considering getting a plunge pool? Don’t worry; Town & Country Pool has got you covered. Ring us at (281) 252-6337, book your appointment, and get a plunge pool of your choice.

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