Getting a pool is a very exciting time! However, the pool construction process can be overwhelming. With so many steps involved, it can feel like you are worlds away from relaxing in your new pool. Below, we’ll go over the pool construction process step-by-step so you’ll know what to expect. After you know what to expect, you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

Planning and Permits

Firstly, let’s talk about the type of pool you want. We will measure your yard, check the property, and help you choose a style that fits your design tastes and budget. Next, we’ll create a detailed plan and file permits with your city, county, and/or HOA.


Once your plans are approved, then it’s time to get started. Excavation is the process of digging the space that will house your pool. In addition to digging, we will also talk to you about irrigation and decorative elements that may need to be replaced.

Plumbing, Electric, and Gas

Once we’ve excavated the land, we will then create the structures that will support your pool beneath its surface. We’ll start by creating a base out of structural steel. This strong foundation will support your pool. After laying the structural steel, we’ll install the plumbing, gas lines, and electrical elements that are outlined in your pool plan. We will then schedule a city electrical inspection to make sure everything is up to code.

Tile and Decking

Now it’s time to install concrete decking or pavers to your pool. This will create a smooth pool surface and also protect the elements beneath. In addition to the decking, we can add decorative tiles or other elements to make the space fit your personal style.

Clean-Up and Final Inspection

Your pool is now complete! A final inspection from the city will ensure that the build was completed to code. After this inspection, we will clean up, fill your pool, and then get it ready to use.

Start The Pool Construction Process Today!

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