Pools are a source of entertainment and relaxation for many. But in winter, this relaxation gets a break because many people do not like jumping in cold water. But what if you could enjoy the pool with warm water? One such solution is installing an electric heater for the pool. But how to install it so that it does not compromise the design is an art.

In the cold season, it gets really important for one to keep their pool warm. The heater has a tank where it collects the pool water and warms it. Next, it pushes the water back into the swimming pool. The exchange of hot and cold water in the swimming pool through the heater keeps the temperature of the water warm.

Time to Heat

For places that are not very cold electric heater for the pool would be the best pick because they take time to heat the entire pool because of the continuous pushing in and out of water. They are better able to prove their efficiency and never disappoint their owners.


Any product with proper maintenance stays efficient for longer. Electric heater for pool requires some maintenance too. They are relatively less expensive than their solar and air counterparts and result in saving the maintenance cost.


With proper maintenance, these electric heaters for pools can last longer than any other type of pool heaters. However, in places with colder temperatures, these heaters may fail due to the incapability of water heating.

Installation of Pool Heater

It is necessary to take the help of a professional to set up the system of electric heating. The parts of the system must be checked before the installation to prevent any issues later. Though a particular company will make the equipment, how it should be installed so as not to let the people see it is an art. Installation works best when done at the time of construction

Town & Country Pools is a specialist at constructing the pools in a design that people will not know that a heater is installed. This will maintain the beauty of the pool and, at the same time, will let the people enjoy the warm water of the pool. Call us on 281-252-6337 to know more.

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