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Choosing the best pool surface to go with the decor of your house can be overwhelming. Specifically, when there are many different types of pool surfaces, a person can choose from. However, which pool surface would be the best for your ambiance needs to be decided wisely. It is the pool surface that either gives an aesthetic sense to your surroundings or spoils it completely.


Although, it is the oldest type of pool surfaces, but most affordable and makes the pool water to appear bright with its white color. The white marble gives an elegant look to the pool; however, it needs good maintenance. If the pool is huge, but the budget is less, it is an advisable option to go for a pool finish of plaster.


There’s a large variety of pebbles that are brought in use to make this type of a pool surface. They provide a very natural feel to the surface of the pool; thus, adding antiquity in your house. However, the texture of the pool is rougher because of the unflatten pebbles. Though these pool surfaces are expensive, these make the pools durable.


It uses a polymer-modified cement and quartz aggregate. Although it is a quartz pool finish, it has a feel of plaster. The finish of the plaster pool can last for seven to twelve years with ease. It can keep up with the changing weather and different types of chemicals in the pool.


It is a popular opinion to go for a tile-based pool surface or finish. A tile is mostly the first preference of people because it lasts the longest. It is adorable, as well as affordable. It can be made from ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone.

Town and Country Pools specializes in making the kind of pool you have always dreamt of having. No matter whatever pool texture you choose, our team can may it happen for you. Call us on 281-252-6337 for more information.

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