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It is good to stick to your pool maintenance and give it the shock treatment regularly. However, you might notice a cloudy mix staring back at you instead of the clear water you were expecting. Usually, your pool becomes cloudy after shock due to the increased mineral levels or imbalanced chemicals. But that is not all, and you will know why your pool water looks cloudy following the shock treatment in this blog.

Why Does My Pool Look Cloudy After Shock?

Cloudy pool water is not exactly something you want to jump into and swim about. You shock the pool to clean it, not for it to look like you spilled milk in it. Therefore, knowing exactly what went wrong will help you fix the issue. Reasons why your pool water might be looking cloudy after a shock are:

1. Calcium Hardness Levels are High

Calcium hardness is something that sometimes escapes our minds, which is why it is a possible reason for cloudy pool water. High levels of hardness introduce additional calcium into the pool, which just builds up since it can’t dissolve. The white dusty-looking calcium might settle on the pool tiles and even clog the filter, possibly leading to poor filtration.
To lower the CH, you’ll probably have to drain and refill the pool partially. To avoid your pool from getting cloudy again, keep the CH levels between 200 ppm to 400 ppm at all times.

2. Improper Levels of pH & Chlorine

pH balance is important when it comes to your pool, but it can be a bit tricky. Although pH is not a direct culprit of cloudy water, it definitely leads to it. An increased pH level does not allow the calcium to dissolve properly. The pool water becomes cloudy, and the calcium starts scaling the pool, whether it is saltwater or not. Therefore, it is better to keep a low pH level, somewhere between 7.2 to 7.4, when going for a pool shock treatment.

3. CYA Levels Are More than Necessary

Cyanuric acid protects chlorine from UV rays, preventing its loss. Also known as CYA or stabilizer, this chemical can give a cloudy appearance to your pool water after shock. Hence, make sure to keep the CYA and chlorine levels balanced and test the Cyanuric acid levels monthly to ensure they remain less than 50 ppm.

4. Problems in Filter

Pool shock treatment is not enough to keep your water clean; the filter also needs to work properly. Problems in the pool filter can make the water look cloudy, even after you recently got done with shock treatment. Thus, the filter needs to perform efficiently, and you must regularly shock the pool to keep the water clean.

5. Your Pool Doesn’t Have a Clarifier

A pool clarifier helps prevent cloudy water by binding the teeny tiny particles together. This creates larger particles the filter can absorb, keeping the water from looking murky. So you’ll need to use a pool clarifier after shock treatment to keep the water clean and sanitized.

What Now?

Pool water can turn cloudy after shock due to a number of factors, but you can easily deal with them. Owning a pool comes with some responsibilities; therefore, you should educate yourself about how it works.

Do you want a nice pool in your house, with a kitchen nearby to make the best of every moment? Town & Country Pools can help you; dial (281) 252-6337 to contact us.

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