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Imagine taking a dip in your pool — only to find your pool water is overheated! It is not uncommon to find your pool water hot. What can cause this to happen? You can have cool water back thanks to a number of techniques and a credible pool company. So, if you’re wondering. ‘Why is My Pool Water Hot?’ keep reading for answers and solutions.

Why is My Pool Water Hot?

It can be pretty uncomfortable if the heat gets to your pool water, and now it is as warm as a bathtub. Warm pools can be a result of outside temperature, pool covers, and pool heaters. It is pretty easy to resolve the issue if the pool cover is responsible; simply remove the cover and allow your pool to cool off. Plus, you can switch the heater off.

You may find it a little tricky to resolve the issue if you live in a warmer climate since the problem can be something unexpected entirely. Well, you definitely cannot control the temperature. Pools that are above-ground or fewer than 6 feet deep are directly hit by sunlight up to the upper 80s. Many people do not know that the sun behaves like a heat beam. So, when it beats down on the above-ground pool, two factors are working against you — heat surrounding the pool as well as the heat that is reflecting off the shallow pool.

How To Cool Down Pool Water

As tempting as it might be to just dump ice into your pool — there are other, better ways to cool down the pool water. You can opt for the following techniques instead:

  • Turn on the Water Features: Believe it or not, your pool features, like the waterfall, jets, etc., can be pretty helpful when the water turns hot. The additional water movement helps cool down pool water. Hence, turn on the features you have added to your pool!
  • Solar Fountain: Don’t have built-in water features? You can add one or more floating fountains that are solar-powered. Solar fountains float around the pool, sucking up the water while sending it out in the form of a fountain. Since the water goes through the air, it will definitely cool down!
  • Pool Cooler: Another convenient way to return the pool temperature to normal is by using a pool cooler. They are usually inserted into the pool’s return jet, misting the water back into the pool. This reduces the temperature by 10 degrees before it returns to the pool. You can even fit in more if your pool water gets extremely hot!
  • Shade: You may prevent the water temperature from heating up by providing shade over the pool or some part of it.
  • Drain Refill: This will take a considerable amount of time and expense — so only consider this when the pool is extremely hot, and nothing else seems to be as effective. Moreover, it will only be a temporary solution if the high temperature continues. You can also try partially draining and refilling the pool, which might be comparatively cheaper and quicker.

Final Note

Your pool water might be hot due to the weather, pool cover, or pool heater — contact a pool expert to learn how to avoid this. You can cool water with the help of a number of techniques.

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