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Have you waited too long to swim in your own swimming pool? Planning to construct an in-ground pool may give you goosebumps, but it’s a tricky job. The first step is excavation which is a complicated process.

When hiring a contractor for your pool, you want to ensure you’re giving the job to the right hands. Here are some questions you should ask the contractors and see if they can offer you up to the mark service.

Q1. Do You Have the Necessary Permits And Insurance?

Pool excavation isn’t as simple as making a hole in your background. Many things need to be considered while doing the job. Ask your contractor if they have the permits to work in your neighborhood.
This can ensure that no quality or safety factors will be compromised and help prevent any damage or extra costs in the coming days.

Q2. What Are The Preparations Needed Before You Start Digging?

Ask the builder if you need to make any preparations before the excavation starts. You may be asked to remove anything on or close to the pool site, which means relocating any furniture, structures, plants, and anything that could get in the way of digging.

You’ll need to make space so the machinery and dump truck can easily fit in to do their job.

Q3. Time Frame For Excavation Job?

Usually, it takes less than a day to excavate a pool and depends on the soil type, weather, and pool size. You can ask your pool builder the exact time for construction, including the expected delays. Providing the following details to your contractor will help you better estimate the time period.

  • Swimming pool dimensions
  • The shape of the pool. Complicated shapes can elongate the excavation time
  • Type of the land

Q4. Will The Builder Remove The Excavated Waste?

For excavating a deep hole, soil, dirt, gravel, vegetation, and rocks will be removed from the pool area. Not all debris can be used for backfilling, so there will be a lot more when the digging ends.
It’s good to have an idea of how much debris to expect at the end and if the contactor will remove it for you. This will also help you determine the total cost.

Hire The Best Pool Excavators in Magnolia, TX

Just like trying to fix your car yourself to save money, many people are obsessed with the idea of digging their pool themselves. But with no prior experience or knowledge of excavation, they end up paying a lot more in the long run.

Pool excavation is a major construction job, and you need a permit from local authorities to dig. We recommend handing over the job to professionals who have been excavating pools for decades. Town & Country Pools can do the excavation for you.

You just tell us what you need, then sit back and wait for your dream pool to become a reality. Give us a call today at 281-252-6337 and let our experts survey your land and get the job started.

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