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Pool Equipment Near Magnolia, Texas

It may not be as glamorous to think about the parts that make your pool or spa function, but it’s something we care deeply about. Town & Country Pools provides only the best in swimming pool and spa equipment and accessories for our customers. We understand how these important pieces can reduce our customer’s energy costs, maintain a pool in proper working order, as well as keep it free and clear of debris and grime—and so much more.

Many of the accessories and equipment we recommend are installed once, with fully-automated control systems, or are very easy to use—so you can get on with the aspects of pool ownership you enjoy most. Like entertaining friends and family or enjoying the peace and quiet in your personal retreat.

Swimming Pools


We’ll help you reduce your energy costs with Energy Star® certified Pentair pumps that offer quiet operation and keep your pool functioning optimally for a longer period of time.


Swimming pool filters keep your pool clean and clear by trapping dirt and debris as the water circulates. We offer the best in Pentair Cartridge Filters to ensure your pool stays clean and as beautiful as the first day it was installed. These filters have a corrosion-resistant, injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced, polypropylene tank with unparalleled reliability. Plus, the cartridges are easy to clean to reduce the hassle of maintaining them.


Our customers love the easy-to-use Pentair MasterTemp Heaters we install with our pools and spas. Not only do they heat up fast, but they’re eco-friendly, certified for low NOx emissions, and outperform industry standards. In addition, their user-friendly rotating digital display makes it just as easy to use as your home thermostat. What’s not to love?


Keeping your pool sanitized and clean is important. No one wants to jump into a grungy pool or get sick from bacteria floating in the water. This is why you want to get a great chlorinator to handle the sanitization. But no one wants their chlorinator to stick out or be bulky and difficult to use. Pentair’s Rainbow 320 Inline Chlorinators do just the trick, which is why we install them. Pools up to 658,500 gallons can be efficiently cleaned with their slow-dissolving Trichlor or bromine tablets and inline feeders. Super easy, super clean—and functioning in the background. Just the way we like it.


In addition to chlorinators, we also recommend and install automatic pool cleaners to scrub and vacuum up the stuff on the sides of your walls and bottom of the pool. They can pick up larger debris such as leaves, pebbles, acorns, and more, and put in into a special chamber you can dump out. We install Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners as well as Paramount In-floor Cleaning Systems and Paramount Paraskim V Venturi Skimmers.


There are plenty of other accessories that can make or break a great pool. At Town & Country Pools, we go with industry-leading equipment and accessories we know have a solid track record for making your pool more efficient, enjoyable, or easier to maintain. Some of the accessories include fantastic lighting (like Pentair’s IntelliBrite LED Lights), great jets (like Hydro Air Thermojets), Interfab Pool Slides, Jandy Valves, or simply great remote controls (like the Easy Touch Remote Controls).


You can trust us to only install or recommend the best in pool equipment. Here’s a quick rundown of the ones we discussed:

  • Pentair Cartridge Filters
  • Pentair Variable Speed Pumps
  • Pentair MasterTemp 400,000 BTU Heaters
  • Pentair Rainbow 320 Inline Chlorinators
  • Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners
  • Paramount In-floor Cleaning Systems
  • Paramount Paraskim V Venturi Skimmers
  • Pentair IntelliBrite LED Lights
  • Hydro Air Thermojets
  • Interfab Pool Slides
  • Jandy Valves
  • Easy Touch Remote Controls

We’re here to guide you every step of the way. With 45+ years in the business, we know which pool products work and which ones are best left to the amateurs.

If you have questions about the recommendations or pool equipment we install, we’d be happy to chat with you. Stop by our showroom or give us a call at (281) 252-6337 today. We’d be happy to schedule a free consultation to get you on your way to a spectacular new pool or backyard oasis.

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