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Are you and your family planning to add a private pool to enjoy your pool time to the max? Or, perhaps you are renovating your property. With all these decisions, one important aspect of deciding is whether you should go with an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool. An above-ground pool will offer as much excitement as an in-ground one, and it is equally as appealing!

If you have decided on an above-ground pool, another question that arises is: How deep are above-ground pools? You might be planning cannonball contests and other pool games that require you to swim to the bottom, so it is completely understandable that you are interested in learning about the available depth options. In this blog, we will talk about the depth of above-ground pools and more. Keep reading!

Above-Ground Pool Depth Options

Generally, there are three choices for the depth levels of an above-ground pool. You can choose from the wall heights of 48 inches, 52 inches, and 54 inches. When considering depth, you should also keep the water level in mind, which is typically 6 inches lower than the actual height of the pool wall.

The three available options are considered suitable for many, and they might be okay with these depth levels. However, some people have the preference of even deeper above-ground pools, which could be as deep as 4 feet in some cases. If you wish to have a deeper above-ground pool option, you can opt for a pool that contains shallow and deep ends.

How Deep Can Above-Ground Pools Be?

You might have the assumption that above-ground pools do not go that deep, which is not true at all! In fact, an above-ground pool can go as far down as 8 feet or more. This is all thanks to the elasticity of the vinyl liners, which can accommodate a safe that might not have the exact same shape as a perfect pool.

When you are installing the vinyl liner, make sure it goes over a gradual slope. This is because many times, the vinyl liners might not be able to stretch more than 1 foot deeper than the center area of the pool. So, for instance, if your pool wall reaches 5 feet, the center will be unable to exceed 6 feet. In case the elasticity is not sufficient, you can always opt for expandable liners. They will meet everyone’s preferences and accommodate the surrounding landscape as well.

A Little Bit About Expandable Liners

Even if you have the most standard liner, it will offer some expandable properties. So many people assume that the expandable liner helps expand the un-expandable liner. What distinguishes the two is the amount of extra give available. Therefore, the expandable liners offer about 12” more vinyl material on the pool’s sides. This way, the pool will have a deeper center because of the increase in material at your disposal. It should provide another foot of depth to the pool’s center, determined by the standard sizes. You should also keep in mind the shape and size of the pool, which will play a major role here. So, a small pool will not provide the same level of depth as a larger pool because the gradual decline is crucial.


Generally, above-ground pools are available with three wall sizes: 48 inches, 52 inches, and 54 inches. You can have a deeper option by opting for pools with both shallow and deep end. Moreover, you can add vinyl liners or expandable liners. As your Pool Builder in Magnolia, we will give you the most suitable recommendations.

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