When building your custom swimming pool, a lot of factors come in to play. Whether it’s deciding the shape of your pool or even choosing your pool’s flooring, it can be quite tricky deciding which is the best option. However, a real mind twister is whether you should pick a saltwater or chlorine pool. Today, we will look at some significant differences between the two so that you can better understand which pool is for you!

Saltwater Pools: Pros

  1. Saltwater is much softer on your skin
  2. The cost of maintenance is much less
  3. Unlike the harsh chlorine smell, you won’t have a harsh saltwater smell
  4. Saltwater doesn’t fade away swimsuits
  5. You won’t have to store chlorine
  6. Maintaining saltwater pools are a bit easier

Saltwater Pools: Cons

  1. Saltwater pools require a larger investment, so they are more expensive to install compared to chlorine pools
  2. They require much more electricity. The average increase in electricity bills range anywhere from $30- $50
  3. Any repairs on a saltwater pool will most likely result in the need for a professional
  4. Saltwater can lead to damages to your flowers, soil, and plants if the water is consistently splattered outside of the pool

Chlorinated Pools: Pros

  1. Chlorinated pools have a less costly initial investment and are much cheaper than saltwater pools.
  2. They require a lot less electricity in comparison to saltwater pools
  3. Most minor problems occurring with chlorinated pools can be solved by the homeowner rather than hiring a professional.
  4. Unlike a saltwater pool, chlorinated pools do not cause as much damage to your garden, soil, etc.

Chlorinated Pools: Cons

  1. There is a high concentration of chlorine in these pools
  2. Chlorine is not very healthy for your skin as it can lead to irritation, dryness, and itching. (Remember to scrub all of the chlorine off of yourself after swimming!)
  3. Chlorine has to be stored and used very carefully in your pool
  4. Owning a chlorinated pool means spending more money on frequent maintenance.

Costs of each pool

Saltwater pools:
The average cost for a 20,000-gallon saltwater pool is around 23,000 – 25,000 dollars. The cheapest saltwater pool is around 12,000 dollars, and the highest cost is about 67,000 dollars(depending on the features you install). Most often, inbuilt to this price is the saltwater chlorination system, which ranges from 500 – 2500 dollars.

Chlorinated pools:
According to many different sources, the national average for a regular chlorinated pool ranges between 20,000 – 22,000 dollars, much less expensive than installing saltwater pools. The yearly maintenance cost of a chlorine pool averages from around 300-800 dollars yearly.

Cool fact about saltwater pools:
Saltwater pools aren’t that salty. Many people think that because it is a saltwater pool, it would have an aggressively salty taste, but that’s not the case! Ocean water has a salt content of about 34,000 – 35,000ppm, while a regular saltwater pool only contains approximately 3000- 4000 ppm! That changes the game!

Did you know?
Not only is chlorine effective in the pool, but it can also kill harmful bacteria such as E. coli in a matter of minutes! This feature really pulls you closer to wanting a chlorinated pool!

Final thoughts

We hope your pool building journey will become a bit easier now that you know more about saltwater and chlorinated pools! If you need a custom swimming pool builder, you have come to the right place! Town And Country Pools is here to help with all of your pool building needs! Call us today at 281-252-6337 to learn more about building your dream pool!

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