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When teens are in the swimming pool, they realize that merely swimming gets boring after a while. To make things a bit fun, you and your friends can try playing particular games. Let’s take a look at some swimming pool games for teens!

1. Noodle Joust

In this fun-filled game, four teens try and balance themselves on their pool noodles. Furthermore, after balancing on a noodle, each teen will joust against the other. The first to get knocked off their noodle loses.

2. Speedy Duck

In this awesome game, teens will need to get a rubber duck across the pool. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really. The trick in this game is that the duck has to be moved using breaths, waves, and other methods that don’t use the body. Additionally, teens can not use their feet, face, or hands to move the rubber duck. The first person to move the duck across the entire pool wins the game.

3. Go With The Classics!

Water balloon toss: toss water balloons back and forth until someone drops one. The person who drops a water balloon is out of that game.

Volleyball: while this requires a net, playing volleyball is a great way to have fun. Simply set up a net and use a beach ball to start having fun.

Tug-o-war: each team will need to pull on a rope from either side. The team that falls down or lets go of the rope loses the game.

Diving, cannonball, or even belly flop contests: if you have a deep swimming pool, compete against your friends to see who can create the best dive, a tremendous belly flop, and the most massive splash.

Final thoughts

We hope you find these swimming pool games for teens a lot helpful the next time you take a dip into your pool. Furthermore, if you are looking to build a custom swimming pool, you have come to the right place! Town And Country Pools is here to help with all of your swimming pool needs. Additionally, we are your local pool builder in Magnolia, Texas, and we want to ensure you have a pool builder that sincerely cares about your requirements. To learn more about what we can do to build your dream pool, call us today at 281-252-6337.

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