When we think of pH, we might think of chemistry class, acids, and bases. However, pH also means something in regards to a pool. Furthermore, it is extremely important to know how to decrease the ph level of your pool naturally. Why is this important? Well, if your pool’s ph goes higher than 7, the water can cause discomfort to anyone who swims! Let us take a quick glimpse at how you can decrease your pool’s ph through natural methods.

Wait, how exactly does my pool get a high ph?

Great question! Many things can likely cause the ph of a pool to hike up. For example, a high ph can be caused by the use of specific products or chemicals to disinfect the pool. Furthermore, adding HTH Granular or chlorine stabilizer can also cause the pH to reach above 7. It is important to understand that chlorine products are essential to keeping your pool in good shape. However, too much chlorine can cause your water to become hazy or even overly soft.

In addition to these products, a dramatic increase in temperature can also lead to a rise in your swimming pool’s pH level. For example, a heatwave may most likely cause your pH to increase if your pool is consistently exposed to direct sunlight.

What should I do if the pH of my pool becomes too high?

Most often, a pool that exceeds a pH of 7.6 will need to be treated. The best way you can reduce the pH is by using pH minus. This solution is an acid that can help decrease the pH level of your pool.

Are you looking to build a brand-new custom pool?

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