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While summer is here and it’s finally time to make good use of your pool, you must not forget that it will need a pool cover when this is all over. When you spend money on something as important as pool covers, which play a major part in your hygiene, you must know everything about it to make an informed decision.

Pool covers are made of layers of different materials and different types. Owning a reliable pool cover can save you a lot of money, and you’ll not have to worry about how long your pool cover will last. Here are some of the facts about pool covers and how long does pool covers last:

Types of Pool Covers

There are a few pool cover options that, in my opinion, are worth your money:

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are released simply with the flip of a switch, making it easy for the pool owner. They are the most expensive yet reliable type of pool cover. They reduce heat loss, so your heating bill will be lower, and they keep debris out of the pool, saving you plenty of effort on the water.

Mesh Pool Covers

As their name implies, mesh pool covers are made of mesh. They’re meant to function like a sieve, allowing precipitation and snowmelt into your pool while keeping junk out.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers may seem like heavy-duty bubble wrap, but they frequently float on the surface. Solar pool covers last longer as they are intended to trap heat from the sun in your pool while shielding UV rays, this means less fading and algae growth in your pool and improved heat retention.

Predicted Lifespan of Pool Covers

Apart from the materials and thickness of the pool cover, the weather also affects its lifespan. A pool cover exposed to direct sunlight may brittlely deteriorate over time. Rolling up automatically during the day reduces the amount of UV light exposure, extending its lifespan. Thicker coverings will provide more protection from hail and falling branches than thinner ones.

Another way to predict the longevity of your pool cover is to consider the guarantee duration at the time of purchase. However, real-world use can produce very different outcomes than warranty estimates.

How to maintain a Pool Cover?

Regardless of the type of pool cover, you should know that investing in pool covers is never a bad idea. However, it requires some maintenance. You can use the following measures to take care of your pool covers:

  • Try to clean the cover more often.
  • Revoke your pool cover once every week.
  • When you add cleaning materials, leave your pool cover open.

Final Say!

Pool covers are a useful addition to your pool and a worthwhile investment to prolong its life. How long does the pool cover last? We hope we have addressed your concerns about your pool’s longevity here. To learn more about your pool and its maintenance, visit us at Town & Country Pools or call (281) 252-6337 to book an appointment.

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