In the blazing summer heat, the pool becomes a sanctuary where we cool off and freshen up. But when the sun goes down, the cool embrace of the water turns chilly. Water temperatures in the 70s may become unbearable, making you shiver and look for the source of warmness. Generally, a pool temperature in the 80s is considered the best — both kids and adults can enjoy it, and it does not promote the growth of algae or bacteria. There are a number of ways you can keep the pool water from turning into an ice bath. Keep reading to learn how to heat a pool!

Convenient Ways to Heat a Pool

You can always get an electric or gas heater for your pool, but they can be a bit costly. Worry not, though; you can learn affordable alternatives to keep your pool water reasonably warm. Below, you will find a list of effective techniques to heat your pool:

  1. Get a Solar Cover
    Evaporation can cause pool water to lose its heat. The heat from the sun warms the pool water, which rises to the top and evaporates. To prevent this, you can create a barrier that keeps the warm water from escaping, and solar covers offer exactly that. Solar covers also contain small air pockets that resemble bubble wrap and capture heat from the sun. The air pockets transfer the heat to the water, which raises the pool temperature up to 12 degrees.
  2. Use Solar Rings
    Solar rings work like solar covers, but they are easier to use. A ring is generally 5 feet in diameter, and you can use multiple to prevent the heated water from escaping. Moreover, similar to solar cover, they absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the water. Solar rings are pretty easy to place and remove compared to a full-size cover, but they may not heat the water as effectively.
  3. Invest in Solar
    Mats A solar mat comes with a flat black vinyl mat containing a series of tubes inside. It lies flat on any surface, such as a roof, where it can easily absorb heat. A pump, then, is used to pull water from the pool and through the tubes inside the mat. Once the water is warmed up, it recirculates back into the pool.
  4. Make a Wood-Fired Pool Heater
    If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you are in luck! This gives you the opportunity to create a simple wood-fired pool heater. You’ll need to purchase some copper pipe and a small pump. Start by running the copper pipe through the fire pit, attaching each end of the piper to the garden hose. Then, you can run one garden hose to any pool pump or the pool’s filter pump while dropping the other into the pool. Now, you can build a large fire and start the pump. This way, the fire pit will heat the water when it passes through the copper pipe, and warm water returns to the pool.
  5. Invest in a Solar Pool Heater
    A solar pool heating system will pump water from the pool to the solar cells placed on the roof of the home. The cells work to warm the water, and it flows back to the pool. It may be more costly to install, but you will not have to pay anything to operate it — an option gas and electric pool heaters do not offer.

The Pool of Your Dreams is A Few Digits Away!

If you are a pool lover, taking a dip in the water at night may be challenging since it turns chilly. You can heat the pool water in various ways; invest in one that seems most suitable to you!

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