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Your swimming pool pump is the engine that moves water through the chlorinator, heater, and filter. If it malfunctions, that will lead to stagnant, oftentimes smelly water that no one would ever want to swim in. Here are some signs that your swimming pool pump may soon fail.


A good pool pump usually lasts between 11 and 15 years. If yours is in this range or older, then there’s a good chance it’s not working like it should. Today’s pool pumps are incredibly energy efficient, and will help keep your pool pristine while saving money on your electric bill.

Strange Noises

This is one of the surest signs your pump might need to be replaced. Grinding and other noises are indications that you need a replacement – and they’re also probably annoying the neighbors. The bearings inside the unit may be failing due to rust that developed due to some sort of leak.

Tripping the Breaker Box

If the pump is causing power surges that trip the breaker, that probably means it’s experiencing some sort of electrical problem. This is not only a sign that you need a new pump, it could also pose a safety risk.

Shutting On and Off

This could mean that there’s something broken inside the pump that’s causing it to overheat. Or it could be a clog in the pump. This may be a problem that could be repaired, so have a qualified technician check it out.

The experts with Town & Country Pools can provide an efficient, effective replacement that will quickly get you back to enjoying your backyard oasis. Contact us online or call 281-252-6337 to learn more.

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