Summer is here, and you know what it means…summer pool parties! But before you start handing out invitations to your party, have you thought of maintaining your pool for the summer? Waiting for the water to cool down should not be the only thing on your list; read this blog to learn some handy summer maintenance tips.

Summer Pool Maintenance List

Below, you will find a list of tasks that should be a part of your summer pool maintenance. Make sure to check these off of your list:

  1. Take Out Debris
    Are you a lover of plants, trees, and greenery? Well, if you have bushes or other flora, chances are you will find debris in the pool, thanks to the winds. Nobody likes jumping in a pool with floating debris, so it goes without saying: get the contaminants out! Using a hand or leaf skimmer, get rid of the unwanted particles. Make sure to do this on a semi-weekly basis; it helps increase water circulation while decreasing the chemicals present.
  2. Thoroughly Vacuum the Pool
    Skimming the debris is not enough; you need to vacuum the pool to remove the hard-to-reach debris at least once a week. Moreover, you can purchase an automated vacuum that will run as scheduled. The vacuum will go over the pool’s surface; cover each part to ensure you don’t miss a single spot. Regularly clean the vacuum filter so that it always catches the debris.While it could take an hour or more to vacuum the pool, it is really important. Keep in mind not to vacuum up the hose. In addition, use a nylon brush along with some chemical cleaner for scrubbing any algae or hard debris sticking to the pool.
  3. Clean the Pool Filters
    You can find three types of pool filters: cartridges, sand, or diatomaceous earth (DE). Regardless of the type you have, regular maintenance is a must. Otherwise, it will fail to trap debris, which turns the pool water murky or discolored. That’s not all; uncleansed filters change the water flow as well. You will need to do the following to clean your pool filters:

    • Backwashing once a month
    • Emptying the filter bag every other week if you have a DE filter
    • Removing the filter and using the hose to clean it
  4. Keep a Check on pH Levels
    Your pool’s pH levels need to remain the same, or it can lead to ruined clothes and even injuries. The pH scale informs us about the acidity of the pool, which should be between 0 and 1. Ideally, the pH levels are supposed to be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8, as it is considered safe for swimmers. Furthermore, a well-balanced pH level means that the water is clean — which is essential for your summer pool party.You will need to add chemicals to fix a pH level under the safe range. Talk to a professional pool builder to ask how to do so.
  5. Look for Leaks & Repair Them
    Before you get all ready for your pool party, check the pool for any leaks. Inspect the pool for any problems and fix the issues on time. You can do a bucket test for the inspection: fill a bucket, put it in the pool, mark the water level on the outside of the bucket and allow it to float for two days. If a similar amount of water goes down, you can blame it on evaporation. However, you will need to call in an expert if the water goes down more on the outside!

Your Trusted Pool Builders

You need to go through your summer pool maintenance list to have a blast at your pool party! Make sure to clean it properly, maintain the pH levels, and check for any issues.

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