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There is a new type of pool in town, and it has become the latest popularity among a lot of homes. A zero-entry pool, also known as a beach entry pool, is becoming something that many homeowners want to have when they build a backyard pool. Some adore them for the way it looks, while others enjoy being able to have an easy way to enter the pool. If you are thinking about diving into a zero-entry pool for your backyard, you have come to the right place! Today, we will be looking at important things to know about this new pool trend.

What exactly is a Zero-Entry Pool?

These pools contain one or more sections that steadily slope into a transition from land to water. Even though this can mean there aren’t any steps, that doesn’t mean they become useless. Some pools have underwater steps that can help you move down into the water. They work after the slop brings you down till about halfway down into the pool. The primary purpose of having a zero-entry is to help create a look that makes it seem like your pool has a part of a beach. Some zero-entry pools may even have waterfalls, sand, and other natural elements that make you feel like you are at an actual beach.

Splash into the pros

Zero-entry pools are beautiful, causing many homeowners to go crazy to build one for their pools. Zero-entry pools allow all ages, including those with disabilities, to enter the pool with ease. There is no need to climb down a pool ladder or dive in. With this option, anyone can easily transition into the pool, with assistance, if needed, for a nice swim. The entry for the pool is a warm, shallow water entry thanks to the design. Whether you want to sunbathe or relax, this pool makes it easy to do without having to submerge totally into the water.

Jump out of the Cons

For some, the cons of a zero-entry pool may seem obvious. Because of that, zero-entry pools are not the best option for many. The number one thing that causes people to back away from zero-entry pools is the high cost. Due to the design, it can be a hefty cost to design entries that are like the ones at the beach. Like Town and Country Pools, pool companies use their expert abilities to build these types of pools. Zero-entry pools can be made into fiberglass pools, while others are built into established or new-inground pools.

Due to the steady slop, the design causes the pool to take up much more space than a typical backyard pool. If your backyard does not have extra space for this luxury, it may not be the best option. Additional space causes additional expenses with things such as materials and labor.

If you do not want unwanted guests into your pool, this may not be a good option for your backyard. Many zero-entry pool owners have complained about animals wading into the water. Due to the animals, the pools become filthy with dirt and other “gifts” that are unwanted.

Ready to dive in?

If you are looking to build a zero-entry pool, you have come to the right place! Town and Country Pools have the experience to construct zero-entry and many other types of custom pools. We are your local pool builder in Magnolia, Texas, and we want your pool built by experts in the pool industry. You can also call us at 281-252-6337 .


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