An outdoor kitchen sink is a feature you might not be thinking about. This is a small thing that can make a big difference to your outdoor living space! In this article, we’ll share why you should install an outdoor kitchen sink. We’ll also share some other great outdoor kitchen features that will round out your space.

Cook Outside With Ease

If you have an outdoor kitchen, then adding a sink is crucial. A sink allows you to use this kitchen just like the one inside. You can easily prepare your meals, clean up after yourself, and wash off produce.

Easy Cleanup

An outdoor kitchen sink makes cleanup a breeze. Of course, the sink will be helpful after you enjoy meals in your kitchen space. But it will also be helpful when cleaning off pool toys or rinsing off surfaces. Add additional water source is handy for all sorts of projects, and having this water source in a high-traffic area (such as on your patio) means extra convenience.

Less Trips to The Indoor Kitchen

For many families, this is one of the selling points for our outdoor kitchen sinks. Parents know that children have a tendency to come in and out of the house- a lot. An outdoor kitchen sink will give your kids access to drinking water, an easy tool to clean up after themselves, and a place to put wet bathing suits or towels. Of course, this is also helpful for the adults in the family!

Other Great Features to Consider

Lots of people install an outdoor utility sink for chores. While these are definitely helpful, you can get all of those benefits and more by creating a sink as a part of an outdoor kitchen area. This can range from a simple kitchenette to a full-service gourmet kitchen. We can install counters, refrigerators, grills/cooking tools, and so much more. Click here to see some of the outdoor kitchens we’ve created.

Ready to Learn More?

Town and Country Pools can create your perfect outdoor living space. We will work with both your design tastes and also your budget to design a space that meets your unique needs. Explore our website to learn more about what we do, then call c to get started.

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