Many tend to wonder “how much can an infinity pool cost.” Tell us, do you enjoy the feeling water brings to you? Do you want that feeling to come to your home? If so, an infinity pool may be something to consider!

What exactly is an infinity pool?

When you have an infinity pool, which is also known as a vanishing edge pool, you feel an endless edge. The water flows all over the pool’s sides and seems limitless. In addition, infinity swimming pools go well with different water backgrounds. When swimming, you’ll feel like your pool blends into the water body and beyond.

How much does an infinity pool cost to build?

The cost of really any pool depends on the features and type of pool your desire. For example, suppose you wanted to build a 12^24 inch fiberglass infinity swimming pool, including a sidewalk, an automatic cover, and a privacy fence. In that case, you could end up paying anywhere between $62,000-$150,000. Looking at that, you may think it is a waste to spend that much on a swimming pool. So then, why should you invest in it? Well, besides being extremely remarkable, infinity pools are very easy to maintain. With the catch basin and pumps installed, stagnation is unlikely to occur. In addition, the catch basin can act like a kiddie pool.

What should I consider regarding the cost?

Pool area: The average cost of a 12^24 inch infinity swimming pool can cost you around $91,000. However, the price really does depend on the size of the pool you want. The bigger the pool, the more it will cost. Infinity pools tend to cost more due to their uniqueness and edge and base design. The nature of it causes it to be around $26,000 to $30,000 more than an average backyard pool.

The landscape: If you want to construct a pool, you need to make sure the area it will be on is cleared of trees, vegetation, and shrubs. In addition, if your backyard is uneven, you’ll need to get that leveled as well. In short, land clearing may cost you anywhere between $115-$247 per hour.

If you need consultation on what you’ll need to do to build your pool, you should always seek help from professionals in the swimming pool industry. Town and Country Pools has been building pools for 40+ years, allowing you to have experts who have real experience in building swimming pools.

Utility: An infinity pool can hold around 18,000-20,000 gallons of water. This means you might get billed just for filling up the pool.

Accessories: A diving board, ladder, and other fun accessions can cost anywhere from $450-$14,000 dollars. If you want accessories for your swimming pool, make sure to save some extra money apart from the cost of just building the pool.

Are you looking to build an infinity pool?

Even though an infinity pool’s cost seems a bit daunting, you have nothing to fear! Town And Country Pools can help guide you on the best and cheapest options you have to build an infinity pool in your backyard. We are your local custom pool builders in Magnolia, Texas, and we want to ensure you have an expert pool designer with experience in the swimming pool industry. For more information, call us today at 281-252-6337 .

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