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Now that summer is here, many of us may want to go swimming. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, community pools aren’t the best option. What else can we do? Well, many people have resorted to building private pools in their backyards. Some may build gigantic pools, while others may install a hot tub for those calm Sunday mornings. You may be asking, “what is a good size swimming pool?” There are a few factors to look at, but we will go through them in this article. Let us take a look at some factors that can determine what the right size swimming pool is.

Young and teenage children

Most of us have kids that we love and adore. We would take them to our local community pool, but it isn’t as safe as we may think due to the coronavirus. When deciding what size pool we should get, we need to look at two essential factors; how old are our children and how good are they at swimming. If you have young children and worry about a drowning scenario, it would be best to build a pool that is no more than 6ft deep. If you have teenage children, you could create a pool that could range from 7-9 ft, depending on what your local pool builders in Magnolia, Texas, say you can build. With years of experience, Town and Country pools can help you decide which pool is right for you.

The number of people in your household

Some of us have two people in our families, while others can have 8 or 9 people in their families. If you are just a couple of 2, you would want to create a pool that is long but doesn’t have to be very wide since there are very few people occupying the pool. If you have a big family, it would be wise to get a pool that is not only long but wide to ensure there is enough space for everyone to swim. Another critical factor is the number of guests you would want to invite. You wouldn’t want to build a long pool but have a small width; otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough space to swim or move.

If you feel yourself overwhelmed, there is no need to worry! Our expert pool builders will help guide you on what exactly is a good size swimming pool for you and your loved ones. We are your local pool builders in Magnolia, Texas, and you should only have people who care to build your pool, like Town and Country Pools. Visit our website at https://www.townandcountrypoolsoftexas.com/ to learn more about how we can help. You can also call us at 281-252-6337 for more information. We hope you are safe and healthy!

We are proud to serve Magnolia, Spring, College Station, Huntsville, Montgomery and surrounding areas.

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